Documentary | CSMB rooted in Montreal’s diversity

CSMB – Major player in the Quebec education, Commission scolaire Marguerite- Bourgeoys includes 92 institutions , some 52,000 students and over 8,900 employees. Its territory includes the seven Montreal boroughs and 13 municipalities in the west of the island. More than 60 % of pupils in primary and secondary schools are born to mothers born outside of Canada and more than 30% themselves . Vocational training and adult education , it is more than half of the students who were born outside the country. From 183 countries , they often speak two languages ​​, sometimes three . In fact, more than one out of two students has a mother tongue other than French. Finally, the socio -economic realities in game reveal polarized profiles. Although rooted in the diversity, CSMB offers a range of educational services to meet the rigorous demands of resolutely modern educational pathways , and the needs of individuals and communities.

Client Commission scolaire Marguerite Bourgeoys
Directed by David Fabrega
Images David Fabrega, Karen Vanderborght and Bénédicte Millaud
Sound David Fabrega, Karen Vanderborght and Bénédicte Millaud
Coordination Brigitte Gauvreau and Annie Jacquet-Bihour
Music Arométis
Editing David Fabrega
Special guest Mélissa Lavergne