Photo book and exhibition | The Wild Highway

15 April 2012 par David Fabrega | Canada, Photos |

ON SALE AT MILLE ET UNE VIES EDITIONS – Canada crossroads from East to West. Photographies, philosophy and poetry.

The Wild Highway is the life line of a whole country. A road that transports us from East to West, from Montreal to Vancouver. Along the line, we discover the deep soul of Canada, filled with beauty and grace of landscapes and faces. The Wild Highway is also the spiritual journey of an immigrant artist seeking for himself across the transcanadian immensity.

Book presented for the first time during the exhibition at studio Octane, Montreal, march 25, 2009.

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8″5 x 5″5, 32 stapled pages

Available in french only

ISBN : 978-2-923692-04-3

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